Tornado in Lone Grove

Tornados struck my native Oklahoma last night, killing 15 people in Lone Grove, a little town of some 4000 people near Ardmore.

My brother lives in Lone Grove!

We couldn’t get ahold of him, making for a time of panic. But he called my parents with the news that he and my sister-in-law survived. They were both at work in Ardmore when the tornado hit. My brother called a neighbor who said that their house appeared to be standing. No one is being allowed in for now, what with the downed power lines, wreckage, and chaos.

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  • Amanda

    Oh I’m so happy that your brother along with his family survived. Best wishes for you and your family.

  • Ryan Biddulph

    God Bless all of you. Glad to hear that everybody is well. I saw some of those images on the TV and they were amazing. As a meteorology major I’ve seen many classic looking tornadoes and this one fit the bill, very powerful and well-formed.


  • Efrem

    I stayed in a house in Dickson many summers ago. Ardmore is a nice town as well as Lone Grove and my prayers go to the families who lost loved ones there.