Live-blogging the election

Let’s live-blog the election coverage.  The networks have vowed not to call the election until at least 11:00 ET–that is, after all of the polling places have closed on the West coast–but results from key battleground states will be coming in as early as 7:00 p.m.   Then again, in a really close race, we might not know who won until some time afterwards.  Remember the 2000 “Hanging Chad” election, in which we didn’t know who won until December 12?

I’m on the road right now with uncertain and intermittent internet access–I already voted with an absentee ballot–so you are going to have to carry the main weight of reporting the day’s developments and the early returns.  I do expect that I’ll keep up my custom of the election night vigil, and I should be able to do some live-blogging later in the evening.  The good news is that I’m in California, so it won’t be such a late night for me as it would be if I were home on the East coast.  So start without me here, and I’ll join you later.

UPDATE:  Polling places are closing.  Scroll down the comments for the latest developments through the evening.

UPDATE:  Barack Obama was re-elected.

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