Merry Christmas

Dear readers,

I wish all of you the joy of the season and every blessing of the Christ child!

Remember:  Keep Christ in Christmas.  Keep “mass” in Christmas (by going to church and receiving Holy Communion).  Keep the “holy” in “holiday.”  Keep the day in holiday.  Keep St. Nicholas (the Trinitarian confessor) in Santa Claus.  And just keep Christmas.

Sincerely yours,


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  • Orianna Laun

    A blessed Christmas to you as well.

  • Sarah Degner Riveros

    My children dressed up, we borrowed sheep and mules, and we told the Christmas story in pictures. I wanted to share our Christmas greetings with you.

  • Pete

    Indeed. Merry Christmas to all!

  • cattail

    A blessed Christmas to you and yours, Dr. Veith, and also to everyone who follows this blog!

  • Classic and adorable, Sarah! Everybody, watch her slideshow.

  • Helen K

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Dr. Veith. Thank you for all the work and dedication of maintaining this blog. And we wish you a Joyous, Healthy and Satisfying New Year.

  • Helen K

    Sarah @ 2. I throughly enjoyed your slideshow. Couldn’t get it to play for a few minutes, no doubt a computer problem. Your children will never forget this. What neck of the woods do you live in? I enjoyed seeing the rural setting. Peace be with you and yours.

  • Rev. Jonathan C. Watt

    Here’s an old take on Christianity and the Lord’s Supper repristinated. Be sure to read the Popup.