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I started blogging when I wrote small posts for World Magazine’s blog back when blogs were new.  Then I had a blog of my own under World’s auspices, and then, after World changed the way it was doing its website, I signed up with a hosting company and started my independent site.  Thanks to you loyal readers, the blog has grown and grown until we typically get over 2,000 visits a day and some 90,000 page views per month.  Recently, I was approached by the mega-religion site Patheos and invited to let them host this Cranach blog.

If I did, they would pay me for each page view.  No longer would running this blog cost me; rather, it would actually bring in some income.  Not enough for me to quit my day job, but enough to be felt in our monthly budget in these hard times.  (Patheos, with all of its blogs and resources, gets over a million page views a day, which enables them to attract big advertisers and thus to pay their writers.)  Not only that, this blog would be on a server with vast capacity and round-the-clock tech support at my beck and call.  No more crashes!  No more quirky dropping of comments!

And yet, I hesitated.  Patheos is a multi-faith site.  I’d be on their “evangelical channel.”  (That’s all right, since we Lutherans are the first evangelicals.  In fact, just as Calvinists are more properly termed “Reformed,”  Lutherans were always more properly termed “evangelical.”  Then other groups claimed the title.  But it’s a good word, referring to the centrality of the evangel, the Gospel.)  There is also a Catholic channel and a “progressive Christian” channel.  But there are also channels for Mormons and Buddhists and Muslims and just about every other world religion.  Even atheists have a channel (which is a neat trick, making atheists admit that atheism is a religion).  But I was assured that Patheos is NOT “inter-faith.”  That is, it does not pretend that all religions are the same and equally valid, squishing them all together into some syncretistic new religion that would be unrecognizable to any actual religion.  Patheos instead thinks of itself as a religious marketplace, an arena for different beliefs to battle it out, as well as a place for people to learn about the different traditions.  Surely, I reasoned, confessional Lutheranism needs to be in this mix.  I know about altar and pulpit fellowship, but I don’t think there are rules about blog fellowship.  The internet, by its nature, jumbles everyone together, and it won’t really be any different if my blog happens to be on the Patheos server.  (Here is more about Patheos and still more.)

I also worried about some of you loyal readers thinking I’ve sold out to the big corporation, which will take over what was once a down-to-earth small business, whereupon it would change the original recipe and make the gravy taste like wallpaper paste.  (I think what happened to Colonel Sanders.)  But the corporation is not taking over anything.  It’s still my blog.  I will still post whatever I want to.  The hosts exercise no control.  Nothing is really going to change in the way I run things.

So after some prayer and agonizing, I agreed to move the blog to Patheos.

There will be some cosmetic changes.  Patheos will re-work and update my site and its design, something that’s been needed for awhile anyway.   The familiar Cranach banner will remain, though probably tweaked.  The winged dragon, crowned, bearing a ring (Cranach’s seal) will be there as our logo.  (Which some of you, I know, find too scary and would just as soon it fly away.  But I’m trying to hold onto tradition right now.)  The biggest change will be a Patheos banner at the very top.  Also ads, but instead of the pathetic and sometimes embarrassing Google adsense ads for Mormon matchmaking services and the like, there will be advertisements for real products, like cars and hotels.  Also, the comments will be nested; that is, when you reply to someone else’s comments and then someone replies to what you say, the comments will be indented and placed next to each other accordingly.   This will allow digressions and rabbit trails to wander off as people have interest in discussing them, but those who don’t can concentrate on the main thread.  Most blogs have that feature today, and I think this will serve well our particular kinds of discussions.

We will all probably notice the visual changes and complain about them for a few days, but then we’ll stop noticing them.  Your bookmarks should still work.  When you click on the old web address, you’ll be automatically re-directed to the new one.  Your RSS feeds should still work, but if they don’t, they can be easily set up again by clicking a button on the site.  Same with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

I don’t know exactly when the change will happen.  Probably next week some time.  But when you see the new look, you’ll know what has happened.

We’ve got a quite extraordinary little community of discourse here.  I don’t want to lose that.  I do want to share it with other people and draw more people in.  I’ll depend on you to make Patheos drifters feel welcome.  Are you all right with this?


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  • Pete

    I’m still in.

  • I’m in, too. Just do us a favor and don’t pull any punches for fear of offending others on the Patheos site, Dr. Veith. Speak the truth, and let God do the rest 😀

  • TT

    As long as they don’t restrict what you post or your comments, I say go for it. I’ll be reading you no matter where your home is.

  • Kathy

    I think the “nesting” comments feature will be a big plus.


    Seriously, though, getting paid for blogging was every blogger’s dream back in the day. Congratulations. As long as you can be read in Google Reader, I’ll read it. 🙂

  • Congrats on the move. Look forward to continuing to get your stuff.

  • Kurt

    My biggest beef with Patheos, which Dan will figure out, is that the RSS feed only shows a paragraph of the post in the reader and so it forces you to click on the headline and painfully wait for the page to load before reading the whole post.

  • Hoping it all works out for you. The Lord will use you wherever you go.

  • Michael

    Like Kurt said, #7. The text in the RSS feed is not one paragraph rather than full text like it has been. GetReligion switched and my reading of their articles has gone way down, due to this Patheos RSS thing. Perhaps they can finally move out of the past and provide full-text RSS, starting with Cranach?

  • Dr. Veith,

    Congrats. You should be paid for this fine service (well, ideally by me and others, but I can’t afford it : ) ). The worker deserves his wages, and now is a tough time for writers.

    Just promise me you’ll try and get a Lutheran channel over there with yourself, McCain, Sacramore, and Fisk, to name a few…. : )


  • kerner

    Welllll…I suppose that it IS true that anything worth doing is worth doing for money.

  • Kurt:

    “My biggest beef with Patheos, which Dan will figure out, is that the RSS feed only shows a paragraph of the post in the reader and so it forces you to click on the headline and painfully wait for the page to load before reading the whole post.”

    But your hits go up. : ) Its all about the hits I guess.

    I take solace in that I convince myself that I write my blog for myself as much as for anyone else. : )



    I hope there’s an “edit comment” feature

  • SKPeterson

    I have no problems with it. We’ve had representatives a variety of denominational affiliations on this site for quite a while so I don’t think any charges of syncretism would stick. I wonder how the customary back and forth of discourse might change, or if any change will happen at all.

  • kerner

    So, basicly your blog will look like this, except with orthodoxy?

    Nate @10: That last is an extraordinarily good idea. However, see above. Veith, Sacramone, Fisk, etc. will not be the only ones on a Lutheran Patheos channel.

  • TE Schroeder

    So you post this info on “a day that will live in infamy”??????

    God’s blessings on this new venture. I hope it will expose more people to Lutheran theology and the comfort and confidence that gives.

  • Tom Hering

    Kirk @ 13, I just tested the comment feature on a Patheos blog, and nope, there’s no editing capability. And avatars are tinier (which means some will be even harder to make out).

    The bad thing, for me anyways, is that I don’t like nested discussions. They’re like parties where people form little groups in different parts of the room. Not much mingling can happen. The good news is all my blocking features work – so I don’t see any ads or social button pop-ups there either.

  • Klasie Kraalogies

    I strongly support this. Another blog I’ve started visiting regularly is also on there, and it works very well. Plus, I think the idea that Veith will be paid is good – after all, he does provide a service, an outlet for many.

  • One definition of “mixed feelings” is that feeling you get when you watch your mother-in-law drive your brand new BMW off a cliff.

    That pretty much sums my reaction.

    I hope you will get many more readers blogging via Patheos and don’t get lost in the shuffle.

    I do however feel uncomfortable with you giving up your independence as a blogger.

    Blessings on the new path!

  • sg

    Pastor St. Onge of Memorial Lutheran in Houston blogs on the Houston Chronicle. His blog is Lutherant:

  • sg

    Oops, one slip of the thumb before I was done. The Houston Chronicle’s religion section hosts all kinds of religions and sects etc. Each is up front about his perspective. I don’t think readers are confused by this marketplace of ideas style such that they think there is some sort of implied all religions are equal attitude on the part of bloggers.

  • Lou G.

    Dr. Veith, congrats on the move. I look forward to the new look and navigation.

    And I’m a bit concerned about how the blog will go regarding one of your statements above, though: “I’ll depend on you to make Patheos drifters feel welcome.” Clearly, there are some here who are given to contention and will unwittingly defeat that stated purpose. Are you perhaps considering implementing a firmer comment policy?

  • Go to where the people are. Sounds Christ-like.

  • Tom Hering

    … there are some here who are given to contention and will unwittingly defeat that stated purpose. (@ 22)

    If Patheos clearly labels Cranach as Lutheran, no one from another tradition will be surprised by unwelcoming contentiousness. Heck, they won’t even be surprised by fringe/right social and political views. 😉

  • sg

    “fringe/right social and political views”

    What constitutes fringe/right social and political views?

    I am thinking anything that JFK would agree with and advocate is now fringe/right>

  • Tom Hering

    What constitutes fringe/right social and political views? (@ 25)

    I suspect that some of the drifters Dr. Veith spoke of will let us know. But don’t miss the fact that @ 24, I was teasing my fellow LCMS/WELS/ELS-type Lutherans.

  • fws

    Best of luck to you in this new fórum and format. It should attract new readers and challenge all of us uber Lutherans to be welcoming and inviting with the Holy Gospel.

  • George A. Marquart

    Dear Dr. Veith: For as long as I have read your blog, and posted on it, I have been delighted at the freedom you allow your contributors. Sometimes it tests my patience when I see long, seemingly pointless rants, and I admire your patience with them and even with my own, sometimes provocative postings. Therefore I have come to trust you and your instincts (what St. Paul calls “spiritual discernment), and it is for this reason that I am happy at the change you are making, inasmuch as you will retain control of the blog.

    My only thought is that you may want to make sure you do not loose the rights to your own name, or other “marks” of your blog, in the event you ever want to pull out of this deal.

    With warm wishes for a blessed celebration of the Nativity of our Lord.

    Peace and Joy!
    George A. Marquart

  • SKPeterson

    C’mon Frank @ 27 – You know you can’t wait to poke some unsuspecting five-point Calvinist right in his tulip loving eyes.

  • Congratulations Dr. Veith! Yes–Lutheranism needs to be represented in the arena of religion. Thrilled that we’ve got such a great warrior representing us 🙂

  • Paul & others, I will not be giving up my “independence”! The blog will be my own and just like it has always been (though since I’ll be getting paid, I’ll probably work on it a little harder). Patheos will exercise no control over this blog. They are just hosting it, and paying for the privilege.

    I am pretty sure there will be Patheos readers who will find their way to Cranach. I don’t consider my readers particularly contentious–do you read the commenters on other blogs?–in fact, I think my readers are a big part of the draw here. The goal will be to pull other folks into the community. I don’t think of this as a Lutheran-only site at all, and I want everyone to be treated well. Yes, sometimes Lutherans can slip right into blow torch polemics when what is really needed is gentle explanation, but that’s something we all need to work on.

    I did see that Nadia Bolz Weber, “the Sarcastic Lutheran,” is on Patheos. She’s the only one I know of, so far, though I believe some others may be in the works. (Though Mollie Hemingway blogs there along with others at Get Religion.) She’s ELCA on the “progressive Christianity” channel. So there will be a Sarcastic Lutheran, and I guess I’ll be the “Sincere Lutheran.”

    I appreciate all of these words of support.

  • Grace

    Dear Dr. Veith,

    I had a feeling something was underway regarding your blog. I’m sorry to see the change.

    I agree with George @28: “My only thought is that you may want to make sure you do not loose the rights to your own name, or other “marks” of your blog, in the event you ever want to pull out of this deal.” – – Sometimes one changes their mind.

    Dr. Veith, you wrote:

    “There is also a Catholic channel and a “progressive Christian” channel. But there are also channels for Mormons and Buddhists and Muslims and just about every other world religion. Even atheists have a channel (which is a neat trick, making atheists admit that atheism is a religion). But I was assured that Patheos is NOT “inter-faith.” That is, it does not pretend that all religions are the same and equally valid, squishing them all together into some syncretistic new religion that would be unrecognizable to any actual religion. Patheos instead thinks of itself as a religious marketplace, an arena for different beliefs to battle it out, as well as a place for people to learn about the different traditions”

    “A Religious Marketplace

    This is nothing but ecumenism which is defined as:

    1. A movement promoting unity among Christian churches or denominations.
    2. A movement promoting worldwide unity among religions through greater cooperation and improved understanding.

    For this reason, I’m very sad to see you join Patheos.

    Rick Warren promotes the same idea’s ie; The Emergent Church – all under one umbrella!

    YOU WROTE: “I did see that Nadia Bolz Weber, “the Sarcastic Lutheran,” is on Patheos. “

    I too saw Nadia Bolz Weber, on Patheos.

    God bless you Dr. Veith

  • Grace, this is not ecumenism. Patheos says nothing about promoting unity among Christians or religions. And I’m certainly not supporting the Emergent Church!

  • helen

    As long as you aren’t confused with the “progressive Christians”…
    I shall miss the edit (although it only works “sometimes” for me).

    But carry on, we’ll endeavor to follow. 🙂

    [Do we get emoticons and bold/italic (now that some have laboriously learned)? 😉

  • Tom Hering

    Grace @ 32, don’t tell anyone, but “patheos” is a variant of patheo, which is Greek for “sympathy,” which is no doubt meant to bring the Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil to mind, which means this whole Patheos thing is a work of … the Antichrist! Seriously.

  • Grace

    Dr. Veith,

    They may not be “promoting unity among Christians or religions” but the entire group is under one UMBRELLA. Segregated but still under one name, “Patheos” –

    The majority may disagree with me, however I see this as a designated street or mall, with a vast number of religions and cults, all lined up together, albeit with their own tents, but occupying the same UMBRELLA

    I know that you don’t support the Emergent Church, I have never questioned your stance on that issue.

    To me, it is “ecumenism” – it’s Rick Warren style.

  • Grace


    One can use whatever word they wish as the LOGO. That’s not the point, I think you already knew that!

  • Grace (@36), if you’re really concerned about online associations with people you disagree with theologically, um … [stares quietly for a long, long time, eventually turning head slightly up and to the left]

  • Grace

    tODD –

    DRAMA TIME, don’t blink! 🙄

  • Greg M

    Congrats! Like others have said, I’ll still visit your blog as I enjoy the topics and back and forth between readers. But if you start advocating snake handling, I’m outta here ;-).

  • Grace

    Dr. Veith,

    I believe almost everyone will continue to visit your blog. I hope I didn’t leave the impression they wouldn’t.

  • Tom Hering

    Grace, following on Todd’s comment @ 38, I bet you don’t let your concern about associations stop you from commenting after the move – stop you from contributing to the Patheos community, or having your name appear there.

  • Rob

    I hope having a bunch of Patheos drifters doesn’t turn into a giant arguing session which is usually what seems to happen when people of different faiths all have input on a given subject. I also hope it remains distinctively Lutheran.

    Best of luck Dr. Veith! See you at Patheos.

  • helen

    I hope the site is policed.
    [Does anyone remember religious newsgroups, (mid 90’s) inhabited by anyone but the religion on the title because the anti religious had drowned them out till they left?]

  • Kimber

    Though I’ve never commented, I read your blog regularly (through Google Reader). I’ll stick around and look forward to your posts as usual.

  • larry

    Ecumenism, aaah that would things like “Together for the Gospel” with Sproul preaching one minute whose confession of faith (WCF) condemns the next pastor’s preaching Mohler whose confession of faith counters (B F & M) Sprouls, followed by uber presbytarian Ligon Ducan’s preaching, followed by LBCF special alternation confessing “7 point calvinist” John Piper preaching, followed by melange confessionalist C.J. Mahaney preaching…etc… I lost count is it a “great sin” to not baptize one’s infant (WCF) or is it not a baptism unless its an adult (LBCF, B F & M) and who is baptized and can come to the Lord’s table?

    Now THAT is ecumenism.

  • larry

    I think it’s a good move and opportunity Dr. Veith. Like you said it’s not a pulpit and altar fellowship, nor worship. Rather it’s the electron version of the Roman Empire in a way. Christianity existed within the realm of the poly-theism of Rome and it was there its message was heard. Today in modern society we don’t have the local pantheon and places where philosophers go to debate and hear ideas in which a Paul can show up and talk (except for a few minor college circuit appearances). Publically this has been taken away in America, ironically in a “free speech” society.

    I think it is in fact why the internet is so popular, people want to hear, talk and debate religion but the public sector wants to remove this. America is becoming, publically, not even atheist but pure and absolute secularist.

    So, it’s a great place for Lutheranism to perhaps “get an ear”, amidst the noise of works.

    In geology, KK knows this, we have a sieve test with increasingly smaller grain size. As specimen passes through the sieve serious it “filters” out the larger grain sizes and percentages are calculated…blah, blah, blah. This is a bit tongue n cheek, but what might be a neat idea, and I have no idea how or if it could be done, have some kind of “doctrine” filter on the web site and let it start filtering out what basically boils down works toward a god or power or self justification. See whose “gospel” makes it all the way through.

  • Pete

    Helen (@34)

    Yes we have

  • MHB

    Pete (@1): Ditto.

  • I’m all for it, congratulations!

  • Trey

    I think it is a great, and I will continue to read your incisive blog posts.

    sub cruce,


  • Congratulations and good luck!

  • Nicholas

    Dr. Veith, you’ll definitely need to moderate comments at patheos. There will be a lot of atheist trolls, and they can be absolutely vile in their blasphemy and obscenity.

  • Hanni

    I think this is great. Increasingly I have turned to cranach first thing in the day instead of NYT, WaPo and HuffPo. Always something thoughtprovoking, especially a blessing during the political season! I have been amaszed at the host’s ability to write something so timely every day. Now he will be paid. We’ll all have to “hit” him multiple times daily to increase his income. I respect Patheos and have always found something worthwhile there.

  • Tom Hering

    Re: @ 53. They haven’t experienced the comebacks of Cranach commenters yet. 😀

  • Abby

    At first I agreed with the comment about the BMW driving over the cliff. But that was an initial reaction based on a feeling of supposed loss of freedom. As with every decision, there comes good and bad.

    However . . .

    Talk about being in the “marketplace” (think St Paul at Mars Hill) — look who is showing up all over You Tube! (Right hand column) Our own, Rev. Fisk! I love it!

    Excellent seed-casting!

  • andrew

    I agree that it’ll get solid theology in the hands of the emergents and random liberals who might not otherwise come across it.
    the downside will be that they will come to the comments section with very different presuppositions and world views, which will make for more frustrating threads if you just want to work through an issue from a certain viewpoint.

  • Grace

    Andrew @57

    Very interesting comment.

    Below is a LINK to a video regarding the creators of Patheos, Leo and Cathie Brunnick.

    Interview with Founders Leo and Cathie Brunnick
    from Linhart PR 3 years ago

    April 2009

    “In this sample interview, husband-and-wife team Leo and Cathie Brunnick discuss their motivation for creating, plans for the Web site and what it’s like launching a new business together.”

  • Grace

    This from the Denver Post – the last few comments from article.

    WHY would anyone not want to divulge their church affiliation? What’s to hide?

    The Denver Post
    Couple’s site invites others on spiritual quest aims to fill a gap in good information about the world’s religious traditions.

    “The Brunnicks say they are trying not to promote or give any faith tradition a home-team advantage.

    “We like to say we’re the ESPN of religion, of spirituality,” Leo said. “People have a hard time believing this, but we don’t have an agenda.”

    Nor will they divulge how they resolved their own family’s religious leanings. “We have to be a little coy about that,” Cathie said.”

  • GhaleonQ

    Patheos is fine (people have already mentioned the reasons why it’s merely “fine) and certainly not worth skipping the site over, but what really ensures my continued readership is the successful transition of Get Religion there. If it’s good enough for Mollie Hemingway, it’s good enough for me (and you).

    Moreover, it’s important that confessional Lutheranism authentically engage society more than it has in this country.

    Now, about that last paragraph and your new-found income stream… *dollar signs appear in eyes* (Seriously, congratulations!)

  • Abby

    Andrew @57: It will be harder, but who doesn’t like to discuss religion and politics?! We Lutherans will have to be nice and get our Apologetics on!

  • Abby (@56), hate to break it to you, but the reason you’re seeing Fisk’s videos in the right-hand column on YouTube pages is because … you’ve been watching Fisk videos. YouTube uses an algorithm to suggest videos you’d like based on what you’ve been watching. When I went to the links you provided, I saw no Fisk videos among the suggestions. Sorry.

  • Abby

    Todd @62: Well, that’s how non-technological I am! I don’t even understand these things! Too bad though, I was excited that it was possible.

  • Tom Hering

    “We’ve used a very rigid process to ensure that what’s reflected on the site is produced by PhDs.” – Cathie Brunnick

    This still doesn’t make Patheos the realm of the Antichrist. But it’s closer than I thought. 😀

  • Joanne

    I’m glad to see your hard work, long hours, and obvious talents recongnized, appreciated, and remunerated. Blessings on the new venture.

  • Nicholas, I will indeed smite and cast out comments that are blasphemous and obscene and otherwise troll-like. Meanwhile, it will do us and our cause good to interact with people who don’t already agree with us. Part of my personal mission in life has been to reach outside the usual boundaries to share my faith and my theology with people who otherwise would never hear of it. So this step is in accord with that. I trust you, my readers, to help me with this effort. I would put your wit, wisdom, and arguing ability against any other blog commenters, as a group, that I know. (So often, as Nicholas says, comments are just vile vitriol. You, on the other hand, participate in actual discussions, confounding the ignorant and confused.) Yes, some of you may need to attend more to your manners. But I’m confident in you.

  • Grace

    Dr. Veith @ 66

    I do hope you’re right, I really do. Many in this world are lost. The passage of Scripture which comes to mind is this:

    13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

    14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

    15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

    18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
    Matthew 7

    May God bless and keep you, as you ready yourself for this new task.


  • Tom Hering

    Part of my personal mission in life has been to reach outside the usual boundaries to share my faith and my theology with people who otherwise would never hear of it. So this step is in accord with that. (Dr. Veith @ 66)

    Will part of the change, then, involve our seeing more theology posts, and less social and political stuff? Or more of a theological perspective on the social and political stuff? Not that I haven’t enjoyed the blog the way it is, but the whole point of Patheos is religious discussion.

  • Cincinnatus

    Congratulations! No complaints here, though, if my (scant) familiarity with Patheos serves, your community of commenters will grow, and it will include a whole lot of folks who have nothing good to say about Lutheranism or religion in general.

    Of course, as some have noted, engagement with such “others” is not only advisable, but perhaps mandatory, if we take Christ’s words seriously.

    But it can also compromise the depth of discussion. Sometimes, communities need to be able to talk to each other without fear of intrusion. Time will tell!

  • Grace

    Below is an article regarding Patheos, it’s founders Leo and Cathie Brunnick. I have given excerpts from the article, from the Denver Westword News highlighting some interesting comments.

    Let the spiritual move you at
    By Jenny An Tuesday, Nov 15 2011

    “Leo and Cathie Frazzini Brunnick see the Internet as a path to religious understanding.”

    “They got married that April. Each has two children from previous marriages, so at any given time, their tidy Lone Tree home has zero to four kids in it. Combining their families required figuring out what to do regarding religion — but beyond providing their childhood backgrounds, the Brunnicks will not discuss their family’s current religious beliefs.

    In stories about Patheos, Cathie is often described as a “Lutheran-turned-Evangelical,” but she won’t confirm that.

    “By placing religions side by side, Patheos puts the religions it features there — Buddhist, Catholic, Evangelical, Hindu, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, Pagan, Progressive Christian — on an equal footing, says Stewart Hoover, professor of media studies at the University of Colorado and head of the school’s Center for Media, Religion and Culture.


    “Brunnick’s vision of the Internet is a bell curve. The majority of the people are in the middle, and the wings are filled with people who will never be happy. He sees three major reactions to the religious pluralism the Internet is fostering: assume that all religion is bad and retreat from it; recognize that there are lots of different ideas in the world and engage with them; or assume that everyone else’s opinion is bad and double down on what you already believe. To make money, Brunnick says, he only needs to reach the second group.

    I suggest you read the whole article.

  • Grace

    Dr. Veith,

    You stated on December 7, 2012:

    “So after some prayer and agonizing, I agreed to move the blog to Patheos.”

    And then further down you stated:

    “I don’t know exactly when the change will happen. Probably next week some time. But when you see the new look, you’ll know what has happened.”

    Dr. Veith, what happened? That was over two weeks ago. Are you still moving the Blog to” Patheos.” ?

  • Yes, Grace. But they have had technical problems in transferring over so many years of posts and comments.

  • Greetings, I think your blog may be having web browser
    compatibility problems. When I take a look at your web site in Safari,
    it looks fine however, if opening in Internet
    Explorer, it has some overlapping issues. I simply wanted to provide you with a quick heads up!

    Apart from that, excellent blog!

  • Willis,

    Hopefully, when we transfer over to Patheos that problem–along with other nagging issues–will be taken care of. If not, please let me know. Many thanks for the feedback and the kind words.

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