A Cranacher could use some help

Michael Westfall is a longtime reader and commenter here.  His daughter Lidija is very sick and requires some special treatments.  She is a project for Give Forward.  The goal is to raise $5,000 by January 31st, and they are 73% of the way there.  Please give if you can at the link below.  From the site:

Six year old Lidija is a beautiful and sweet girl, who is loved by many. Two doctors have diagnosed her with Mast Cell Activation Disorder with gastrointestinal and renal involvement. She requires a special diet of a formula called, Neocate Junior, which is costing her family $35/day. They are also trying to have their daughter seen at NIH, Baylor or Mayo for medical treatment. Please do what you can and especially forward this message to anyone you know who may be willing to help.

Here  are the details of her story, and it’s a heart-rending read.

via Michael Westfall | lidijashope.


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  • Grace

    Gene Veith,

    Please contact me, you have my email address. God bless this little child.

    Please tell Mike Westfall, my husband and I will be praying.

  • We appreciate your prayers, Grace.
    Thanks you.

  • Thank you Dr. Veith for picking this up.
    And thank you to the fellow Cranacher who brought it to your attention.
    And thank you to all the readers of this blog, several of whom have helped out already.

    Your generosity is humbling and your prayers are appreciated.

  • tODD

    Thanks, Dr. Veith. And thanks to the several Cranach readers who have already given. I think we’re a little bit more of a community today. And let’s not forget to ask our gracious God for comfort and help for the Westfalls.

  • Tom Hering
  • Yes, that’s exactly what we’re looking for, as long as it expires BEFORE Oct 22, 2013.
    We could also use flavored versions of the product (which expire sooner).

    I guess the criterion for what we can use, regardless of flavor, is that it is manufactured BEFORE May 2012.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • SKPeterson

    Mike – Any word on them manufacturing the old formula again, or another company that might make a similar product?

  • Grace


    Which formula within NEOCATE does your daughter need? As I understand it, there may be as many as four different levels.

    We are praying Mike – please give your beautiful daughter our love, kisses and hugs.

  • My wife (and other families too) has been in close contact with the company, and they are doing what they can to figure out what is going on.

  • Grace,
    The formula we need is Neocate, Jr., without pre-biotics. We can use the unflavored, as well as the various flavored varieties. It has to have a manufacture date of before May 2012, and yet not be past the expiry date.

    Thanks again.

  • Grace


    I have called one of the large pharmacies here – I have another call into one of my friends for the formula you need. I have a number of other pharmacies to call, many of the pharmacist are friends of mine, for years.

    QUESTION: Are you able to get a COMPOUNDING pharmacies to make the EXACT formula you want? They are often used is such situations.

  • Grace

    Sorry Mike for all the errors – I’m working off my ‘net book, as my computer is being worked on as I type-

  • Let me add that we are most desperate for the flavors, especially chocolate.
    At the moment we have a fairly decent supply of the unflavored, and January and February expiration dates are covered.

  • Thanks for your help. I don’t believe this is something a compounding pharmacy could supply, though.