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We now have comment numbering!  We no longer have comment nesting!  As I already reported, we now have e-mail comment notification!  We now have text boxes of flexible size!

Most of our dreams have come true in regards to this blog and its move to Patheos.  First, thanks to you readers for your suggestions.  Second, thanks to the Patheos tech people for being so co-operative and obliging for our requests.  (This involved multiple changes back and forth and no end of patience on their part.  I would say “how about changing this?” and they did.  Then later I’d say “change it back.”  Then I said, “let’s try this.”  That went on over and over again, hour by hour.  So I really appreciate that, especially when they quite reasonably could say, “this is our template, take it or leave it.”

I think the only other major request that a lot of you asked for was to have full-text RSS feeds.  That can’t happen.  Sorry.  Patheos is a commercial site and its bread-and-butter is the number of page views it can offer advertisers.  So people actually have to come to the site to constitute a page view.  Full text feeds give away the content for free, which is not a viable business plan. Actually,the content IS free to you.  It’s just costing the sponsors, who are paying Patheos and, indeed, me.

Which brings us to the ads.  Those too you will have to live with.  You can use ad blockers and set your browser preferences to stop pop-up ads if you want to.  With the cooperation of Patheos, we were able to get rid of a New Age ad, and we’ll watch for anything else that is inappropriate.  But I’d rather have ads for hotels, cruise lines, and other legitimate “secular” products than some of the religious spots that would come up via Google Adsense on the old site.

So I’m pleased with the switch to Patheos and hope you are too.

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  • Tom Hering

    We still need generously-sized avatars. Right now, it’s like going to an art museum and only being allowed to look at the paintings from all the way across the room.

    “What is that? A Warhol?”

    “Nah. I think it’s a Rubens.”

    “No way. What the heck is that?”

  • Pete

    What Tom said at Number One (1), I agree with here at Number Two (2).

  • Pete

    Any prospects for getting comment numbering on the mobile format? Just askin’.

  • Gene Veith

    Sheesh, you guys are hard to please. Tom Hering, your tip about a Patheos blog that had numbered comments was the key to getting that feature on this blog. The plug-in that made that possible was obviously compatible with the overall system, so it was no problem, once Patheos tech identified it, to install it on my blog too. So if you see a Patheos blog with bigger avatars, let me know. (I don’t know about the mobile side, Pete.) Similarly, if anyone sees features on other Patheos sites that you’d like to see here, let me know.

  • Tom Hering

    Hard to please? Sheesh. I haven’t said a word about the way Patheos slaughtered my Cranach banner design.

  • Daniel Casey

    I like what you’ve done with the place. I wasn’t sure how well the ‘move’ to patheos would work, but I like how things are shaping up.

  • I read blogs through Google Reader. Unfortunately, this blog is one of a few that doesn’t display full posts in aggregators. The net result is that I am much less inclined to read them in full, unless the first line or two really capture my imagination.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one.
    Any chance of changing that setting? Or is it a Patheos default?

  • Tom in NJ

    I’m not seeing the ads, and that’s just fine. I have a new machine with IE 9 browser and use the free filters from EasyList and EasyPrivacy. Similar to what’s available in Firefox and other browsers. The Evangelical Channel and Most Popular lists show, but it’s blank wherever an ad would appear.

  • DonS

    The blog is looking good. Thanks for all of your hard work!

    I have subscribed to email updates for comments on a number of posts since yesterday. I get an email asking me to confirm my subscription, but so far I haven’t received a single email actually advising me of a new comment. So, it does seem as if this feature is significantly delayed in sending the comment emails, perhaps making it not all that useful for furthering real-time discussion.

  • DonS

    I no sooner made my comment @ 9 and I started getting comment updates. Problem solved! 🙂

  • Ah! I guess you have to write a comment first. Now it may take awhile for us (me included) to figure out how all of these features work!