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This item is for those interested in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  Everyone else may look away.  The nominations for president and other offices, which will be voted upon at the upcoming convention July 20-25, have been released.  It looks like the current president and other conservative, confessional types have an overwhelming advantage.  I give the list after the jump.

Thanks to Rev. Charles Henrickson for this list:

PRESIDENT (To be elected in June, four weeks before the convention.)

Matthew C. Harrison: 1,111

Herbert C. Mueller, Jr.: 140

David P. E. Maier: 126

FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT (Of these 22 names, the President-elect will pick five for the ballot at the convention, at least two of whom will be from the top five nominees.)

Herbert C. Mueller, Jr. 828

Matthew C. Harrison 98

John C. Wohlrabe, Jr. 68

Daniel Preus 64

Scott R. Murray 40

Jeffery T. Schrank 30

Robert D. Newton 16

Jon T. Diefenthaler 14

Larry A. Stoterau 14

Kurtis D. Schultz 9

Gerhard C. Michael 8

Clint K. Poppe 8

William R. Diekelman 7

Paul A. Linnemann 7

Dien A. Taylor 6

Carl C. Fickenscher 5

Brian S. Saunders 5

Terry L. Cripe 4

Brent W. Kuhlman 2

Dan P. Gilbert 2

Robert E. Kasper 2

William R. Woolsey 2


Daniel Preus 123

Dean O. Wenthe 11

Daniel L. Gard 10

David J. Bueltmann 7

Martin R. Noland 7


Jon T. Diefenthaler 38

Gerhard C. Michael 31

Robert T. Kuhn 27

Dien A. Taylor 24

David D. Buegler 12


John C. Wohlrabe, Jr. 104

Paul A. Weber 13

David A. Davis 7

Peter C. Bender 5

C. William Hoesman 5


Nabil S. Nour 84

Ronald M. Garwood 30

Steven D. Turner 22

Gene D. Bauman 20

Mark J. Buchhop 19


Scott R. Murray 79

Jeffery T. Schrank 26

Robert C. Preece 9

William M. Cwirla 7

William R. Woolsey 5


Kathy A. Schulz 48

Ernest E. Garbe 8

Herbert W. Israel 6

Monica Boesdorfer 4

Frederick P. Guengerich 4

Travis L. Hindman 4

Jeff Schwarz 4


Carol Ann Hack Broome 38

Daniel C. Lorenz 11

Ed H. Moerbe 4

Gloria S. Edwards 3

Ernest Hamann 2

Fred G. Karle 2

Damon P. Tobias 2

Douglas J. Utberg 2

via Steadfast Lutherans » Convention 2013: Nominees announced for Synod President, VPs, BOD (by Pr. Charles Henrickson).

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  • tODD

    Scott Murray was my pastor for a few years when I was in college. So I got that going for me. Which is nice.

  • I’m a Baptist pastor and have never attended a LCMS church or gathering of any kind. I know next to nothing about how your denomination works. But I can say that Matthew Harrison is the first LCMS leader I’m aware of with an inter-denominational reputation (e.g., his testimony before congress). He seems like a strong, competent, spiritual, humble leader. He’s the closest thing you guys have to an Al Mohler or a John Piper. I’d encourage you to keep him.

  • Joe

    Three comments:

    1. John Wohlrabe and his family recently joined my congregation. I have had the chance to get to know him over the course of the last year-ish. He is a wonderful man with a true pastoral heart. He has preached for us a few times. After his first sermon at Our Savior, my 12 daughter (who will be confirmed this Sunday!!) said to me, “Wow. There was a lot of Gospel today. Not that that’s a bad thing.” I think that says a lot. If you are a voting delegate or know someone who is, I strongly encourage voting for Wolhrabe.

    2. The full list of all nominees can be found here:

    As you can see there are lots of people on the slate for various different boards, etc. Once the convention materials are available, there will be a brief synopsis of each nominee. As a delegate to the last convention, I would really encourage delegates to spend some time reading about these people and asking your LCMS network about them. I felt a little under prepared for some of the non-marque votes.

    3. If you clicked the link above and looked at the lay nominees for Concordia Publishing House, you will see the name Joseph L. Olson. That is me, your friendly (generally :)) Cranach-neighborhood Joe.

    I won’t hijack this thread to campaign but if you are interested in my thoughts, etc. on serving on the CPH board please feel free to message me on facebook –

  • Momof3intenn

    How is the average lay person supposed to know who the confessionals are versus the church growth/missional/seeking-after-non-Lutheran-ways-to-do-church types are. I’ve only become aware of Synod politics in the last six months or so. Don’t even know how we vote or who gets to vote. I’m assuming each congregation decides at a congregational voters’ meeting, but I have no clue. Yes, I’ve been a Lutheran for almost 20 years, and yes, I am completely chagrined at my lack of interest up until this point. So, I need a primer, some help, guidance if you will. Anyone…

  • Steve Bauer

    John Wohlrabe was a classmate of mine at the St. Louis sem and I would count him as a friend although we haven’t spoken in years. I, too, will vouch for his pastoral heart as well as his theological acumen.

  • Joe

    Momof3 – with the exception of LCMS President all other positions are voted on at the convention. Your congregation belongs to a circuit, each circuit held a forum at some point in the last few months and elected a pastoral and a lay delegate. These are the two people who will vote on behalf of the circuit as a whole.

    The President is elected 4 weeks prior to the convention by electronic ballot. Each congregation gets to vote. The votes are cast by you congregations lay and pastoral delegate to last summers district convention. (FYI – from a 10,000 foot view, the synodical structure goes: congregation, circuit, district, synod)

    If you want to have some input on the election process, you need to find out who your reps are (your Pastor knows).

  • Dr. Luther in the 21st Century

    Being a voter, I am not going to speak specifically. But I like the slate.

    Maybe somebody knows this answer. A question came up at our Circuit get together the other day, “Can those who are District Presidents also serve as Regional VP or must they resign as DP?” None of us were really sure, not knowing the ins and outs of the new structure.

  • @Momof3intenn for some interesting grapics etc. check out or