A pregnant woman as a household of two

In a column about the intricacies of young adults staying on their parents’ insurance plan (worth reading in itself), health columnist Michelle Andrews mentions a curious Medicaid provision:

The joint state-federal health program for low-income people generally provides coverage for pregnant women with incomes up to 185 percent of the federal poverty level. By counting a pregnant woman as a household of two, that ceiling is $28,693 in 2013.

via Health law lets young people stay on a parent’s plan or buy their own insurance – The Washington Post.

So the government for aid purposes considers a pregnant woman to constitute a household of two!  Two WHAT?  Two persons?  Two human beings?  What if the mother wants an abortion to do away with one of those persons?  Why isn’t that former recipient of aid still a member of that household?

HT:  Jackie

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