Classical Lutheran Education conference

The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education (CCLE) will hold its annual conference at Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, on July 16-18.  I’ll be there!  The conference will kick off a teacher certification program and will feature extended teacher-training seminars just for that purpose, in addition to sessions on all kinds of topics.  (See them after the jump.)

For more details and to register, go here.

From The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education:

In addition to regular conference presentations, this year’s conference will feature extensive in-service sessions will offer in-depth exploration of topics for:

  • classroom teachers
  • homeschool parents
  • online instructors
  • administrators
  • anyone interested in learning more about classical and Lutheran education


Sessions begin Tuesday morning and end Thursday afternoon.


Early registration will be required for the in-service opportunities.

A sampling of CCLE XIII’s In-Service Speakers and Topics:


  • Joanna Hensley — Teaching Latin K-8
  • Claudia Nieminen – The Distinctively Lutheran Home School
  • Rev. Jim Woelmer & Tim Merritt, Faith Lutheran
  • *Rev. John Hill of CCLE-Accredited Mt. Hope Lutheran School – Classical and Lutheran Pedagogy
  • Headmaster — Teaching 7-12 Humanities (Theology, History, and Literature)
  • Angela Hill — Teaching Children’s Literature
  • Janet Muth – Teaching Music Classically in preschool and beyond
  • *Rev. Dr. Steven Hein – Worldviews I, II, and III
  • Dr. E. Christian Kopff — Schools & Universities as Mission Fields
  • Dr. Gene Edward Veith — *Paradise Lost


*Successful completion of these sessions will assist CCLE Educator Certification.




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