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Mollie Hemingway, who shamed the mainstream press into covering the Kermit Gosnell abortion mill murder trial, is getting attention for how she pulled that off.  I appreciate her plug for vocation and how that doctrine informs her pursuit of journalism.

From LCMS media critic helps spotlight lack of abortion trial coverage | LCMS News & Articles:

Her Lutheran understanding of vocation, she says, “helps me understand my role.”

“Through my various vocations, I aim to serve God by serving my neighbor,” Hemingway said. “When I’m writing a news story, I don’t think my job is to convert anyone but, rather, to just share the basic information that helps the reader. When I’m doing media criticism, I push journalists not to share my political or religious beliefs but, rather, to just practice their journalism fairly. When I’m writing opinion pieces, then I get to argue for a given cause.”

HT:  Joanna Hensley


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