Archbishop of Canterbury on Gay Marriage

Archbishop of Canterbury on Gay Marriage June 4, 2013

In the United Kingdom, gay marriage has passed the House of Commons and is now being considered by the House of Lords.  The Church of England, despite its reputation for theological liberalism, is opposing the measure.  I was struck by what the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said about gay marriage in a speech before the House of Lords (of which he and other bishops are members).

From the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby:

Marriage is abolished, redefined and recreated – being different and unequal for different categories. The new marriage of the bill is an awkward shape with same gender and different gender categories scrunched into it – neither fitting well.

The concept of marriage as a normative place for procreation is lost. The idea of marriage as covenant is diminished. The family in its normal sense predating the state and as our base community of society is weakened.

via Archbishop of Canterbury: Gay Marriage Not a Faith Issue » First Thoughts | A First Things Blog.

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