Conference on gay marriage & gay ministry

Are you familiar with Doxology, the Lutheran institute on pastoral care (as well as care for pastors)?  Led by Rev. Harold Senkbeil (who has written widely on Christian spirituality and who has applied it very effectively as a pastor) and Dr. Beverly Yahnke (the most brilliant and the most reliable Christian psychologist I have ever come across), it is a tremendous resource.

Well, Doxology is hosting a conference on what may become the biggest pastoral issue of our time:  Speaking the Truth in Love:  A Compassionate Response to Same Sex Attraction and Same Sex Marriage

One of the speakers will be Robert George, the Princeton thinker who is a leading defender of traditional marriage.  The conference, though, will also explore how to strengthen the institution of marriage and how to recover sexual morality in general, as well as dealing with the current issues of same-sex attraction and the legalization of same-sex marriage.


DOXOLOGY is sponsoring a major conference August 14/15 at the University of St. Mary of the Lake Conference Center in Mundelein, Illinois (greater Chicago area). Laity, pastors, and other church workers are welcome.

LCMS President Matthew Harrison reminds us that while Christians need to say ‘No’ to homosexual behaviour, we also need to say more than ‘No’. This conference will provide not only clear teaching on natural law, but also specific practical guidelines on how to teach healthy sexuality in an increasingly promiscuous culture.

Beyond clear teaching, this conference provides practical tools for pastors to teach congregations a comprehensive biblical vision for marriage and family virtue.It will offer strategies and language for principals and teachers to talk with parents in the elementary and high schools. Laity will gain confidence to speak about these important matters with others in their church and community while teaching and modelling sexual fidelity to their children and grandchildren.

For conference details, the schedule of speakers, and registration information,  go here.

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