Obama is pro-fracking

Evidently, President Obama is not in complete thrall to environmentalists.  He has said that he supports “fracking,” the technique of pumping in liquid to fracture geological formations that is unlocking vast quantities of natural gas.

From the Associated Press:

President Barack Obama’s Climate Change speech praised renewable energy, conservation _ and fracking for natural gas.

Obama’s support for fracking is upsetting some environmental groups that otherwise support his climate plan.

Deb Nardone, the head of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Natural Gas program, says Obama “is taking the wrong path” on natural gas.

Obama acknowledged the concerns of some environmentalists who want drilling reigned in, but in Tuesday’s speech rejected their key arguments.

Obama said that “cleaner-burning” natural gas is creating jobs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and lowering utility bills for many families.

via Obama speech praises natural gas fracking boom – The Exponent Telegram : Wv.

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