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“Culture” is one of those lofty words with lots of meanings.  It can refer to a “society” with all of its institutions, values, and customs.  Or it can refer to “the arts,” as in going to the opera to soak up some culture.   Ken Meyers usefully distinguishes between folk culture (the ways and artifcats of a community with a common history), high culture (the contributions of talented individuals that go on to benefit a whole society), and pop culture (the commercialized artifacts designed to be bought and sold).

In this space, take it whichever way you want to.  Raise questions of vast social import (for instance, gay marriage), talk about music (bluegrass groups in the folk culture, or jazz artists in the high culture, or whatever) or books you are enjoying, or talk about issues of summer entertainment (was the Lone Ranger really as bad as the critics are saying?).

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