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I’m back home after two weeks, having taken my vacation and then going to the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education conference, trying to get back to normal.  Thanks to everyone who posted comments on those general categories while I was incommunicado.  There were some good discussions.  As I promised, I will announce a winner for the person who started a thread with the most comments.  According to my informal, non-counting analysis (correct me if you want to count), the virtual imaginary prize goes to Theological discussions (278 comments) and the thread started by PETE on Baptism.

I have found that if I really want to get a lot of viewers and discussion on this blog, all I have to do is raise the following topics:  Baptism.  Libertarianism (especially members of the Rand family).  And gay marriage.

That held pretty well here, except for libertarianism, for some reason (though there was a long discussion of alternative political parties).  One of these days I’ll come up with a post on “Baptism, Libertarianism, and Gay Marriage.”  (Actually, that’s an excellent topic.  Is Gay Marriage libertarian (letting people do whatever they want, without state interference) or authoritarian (an example of the state asserting its authority over all institutions, including the most fundamental unit of culture, by changing the meaning of marriage in a way unprecedented in human history?

So how would you work Baptism into this?

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