What to do while I’m away

This week I will be on vacation far away from internet connections and cell phone towers.  I know, though, how important your daily Cranach fix is, and I do not want to throw off your routines.  So I am going to put together a structure that will draw on you readers to keep this blog going while I am away.  We will do so by taking advantage of the much-maligned Disqus commenting system.

I will post categories of topics that we usually discuss here.  If you have something that you would like this vast and talented community of readers to take up, post it as a comment, along with any necessary links.  To talk about it, hit “reply,” so that the discussion will be nested below the subject.  If you have a different subject you want to discuss, post that as a comment, and other people will “reply” to form a nested thread.

If this works the way I hope it does, not only will the blog be kept up to date, we will cover even more subjects than we usually do!  (We will heap virtual honors on the commenter who provokes the discussion with the most replies.)  Thank you in advance for filling in for me.




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