From tech to farming

Remember Stewart Lundy, my former student who helped me with the technical side of my blog?  He has now embraced farming.  But what a farm!  He is doing cutting-edge local, sustainable, organic farming.  He is raising heirloom vegetables, chickens, ducks, rabbits, bees, and “rare pigs.”  People are driving an hour and a half just to buy his eggs.  He is attending to the microbes in the soil, restoring minerals to the soil, and applying all kinds of other sophisticated techniques to make all of this work.

You have got to scroll through his site and see the pictures of what all he is doing:  Perennial Roots – Accomac, VA – Farm, Food & Grocery | Facebook.

Contact him from the site if you want to order a pig (either as food or as a pet) or get in on any of this other stuff. 

Images from Stewart’s operation:

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