Is Anglicanism inherently Lutheran?

Anthony Sacramone quotes Anglican priest Peter Ould:

Even though Henry VIII was just a selfish Roman Catholic, basically, men like Cranmer and Ridley and Latimer were deeply imbibing of the Lutheran theology. … Anglicanism is inherently Lutheran.

For a video of Father Ould talking about this and Mr. Sacramone’s discussion, go here:   Is Anglicanism a Variant of Lutheranism? | Strange Herring.

I don’t think Anglicanism is now or has been a variation of Lutheranism for several centuries, but it probably used to be.   And, given Anglicanism’s flexible nature, Lutheranism sometimes shows up. And perhaps, for those trying to put Anglicanism back together again as a movement both sacramental and evangelical, Lutheranism could prove quite helpful.

(I have noticed, though, that Anglicans, including its scholars, often know almost little about Luther, confusing him with Calvin.  Nor do they know much about Lutheranism.  One Anglican priest I talked to not long ago was surprised to hear that Lutherans use the historic liturgy!  But then again, there are the Anglicans at Mockingbird, who are embracing Lutheran authors  and concepts such as the distinction between law and gospel and the theology of the Cross.)

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