Mazeppa and Teddy Jack Eddy

I told you about the Tulsa mini-renaissance of my college days in the 1970s, mentioning specifically the Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting, the late night bad-movie and skit-comedy festival featuring Mazeppa Pompazoidi  (Gailard Sartain) and Teddy Jack Eddy (Gary Busey). Well, hat tip to my brother Jimmy for pointing out that you can find some of that stuff on YouTube.  He cited  this example, which has the further value of being a pitch-perfect satire of the high school football culture of those days (and probably still).  We all had coaches like “Coach Chuck.”  And you can understand why high schoolers of a particular mindset would stay up late for this.  See the video after the jump.



I stumbled across this website, which tells about the show and sells DVDs of the episodes.

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