Olympics choose Tokyo & wrestling

Tokyo won the 2020 Olympics, beating out Istanbul and Madrid.  I’d say that was a good choice.  Also, the International Olympics committee voted to re-instate wrestling as an Olympics sport, beating out baseball, softball, and squash.

Wrestling definitely belongs, being a staple of the Olympics as practiced by the ancient Greeks.  I don’t understand why baseball got cut from the modern games.  Yes, our “World Series” doesn’t exactly feature participants from the entire world, but it surely has a bigger following than many Olympics sports, such as water polo.  Pretty much the entire Western hemisphere–the U.S., Canada, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and much of the rest of Latin America–love baseball, as do a number of other countries, particularly the one that is hosting the Olympics.


"This is the second time you've attacked someone for putting the best construction on things ..."

Why the Alt-Right is Pro-Abortion
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And now “rethinking” free speech
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Why the Alt-Right is Pro-Abortion
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And now “rethinking” free speech
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