Only 29% of Americans want to attack Syria

According to two public opinion polls, very few Americans support the notion of attacking Syria.  According to a Pew study, only 29% of Americans are in favor of doing so.  And for all the talk of political polarization, there is a bipartisan consensus on this issue, with slightly more Republicans supporting President Obama in this (35%) than Democrats (29%, the same as for the public as a whole).

From Polls: Little support for military strikes in Syria in USA Today:

Two new polls show President Obama faces a daunting task in getting the public to support his call for military strikes against Syria, even as key Republicans voiced their support Tuesday.

Nearly six in 10 Americans are opposed to using military action as a response to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons in the nation’s bloody civil war, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Tuesday. A Pew Research Center poll, also released Tuesday afternoon, found that 48% of adults are against military strikes while 29% say they are in favor. . .

The public’s skepticism on Syria crosses party lines. Nearly half — or 48% — of respondents in the Pew poll say Obama has not explained clearly why the United States should launch airstrikes compared with 32% who say he has made the case clear.

The Pew findings also show Obama has a challenge convincing his fellow Democrats. Nearly half, or 48%, of Democrats and 40% of Republicans say they are opposed to military strikes compared with 29% and 35%, respectively, who say they are in support.


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