Our military as “Al-Qaeda’s Air Force”

Quote of the week:

“We should be focused on defending the United States of America. That’s why young men and women sign up to join the military, not to, as you know, serve as Al Qaeda’s air force.”

Ted Cruz, Senator (R, Texas)

Whatever you think of Ted Cruz, you have to admit that this is a good line.  (He is referring to the fact that 7 of the 9 rebel groups in Syria have ties to Al Qaeda and making the point that America has enemies on both sides of the conflict, so that, as he also said, “we don’t have a dog in this fight.”)

What is most notable, though, is that Cruz is widely both hailed and condemned as a conservative extremist.  Notice, again, that it’s the right wing that has become the party of peace.  That is a huge development.

Republican politicians–especially would-be presidential candidates–who try to sell themselves as conservatives the old conventional way of throwing America’s military power around may overlook that development at their peril.

Meanwhile, the liberals and moderates of the Congressional leadership in both parties are lining up behind President Obama’s request to let him attack Syria.

via Ted Cruz: US Is Not ‘Al-Qaeda’s Air Force’.

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