The legacy of 9/11?

On this anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we’ve got to ask ourselves:  Did the terrorists win?  Or did America win?  And what did those attacks do to us?  Considerations after the jump.That the terrorists have won:  We have been fighting wars with Islamic extremists ever since and, on this very day are contemplating a new one.  We have compromised our civil liberties.  We remain terrorized of terrorists.  We pay tribute to Al Qaeda every time we take our shoes off at the airport.

That America has won: We have killed or captured virtually everyone who planned the 9/11 attack.  The terrorists keep hitting us, but we keep overwhelming them.  Our freedom is intact.  9/11 unleashed American heroism.

So which is it?  I know, both, but on balance what do you think is the legacy of 9/11?

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