Veterans Day

This is Veterans Day, so let us honor those who have served in the military vocations.  You readers who are veterans, thank you for your service.

I’ve read that some veterans, particularly of our recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, are sick of hearing that.  It is good, though, that they are receiving today almost universal respect, unlike the reception in some quarters of Vietnam vets.  After the jump, some questions and a link to a classic discussion of the military vocation.

Today we have an all-volunteer highly-professionalized military.  Are there virtues in having a draft?  I’m not asking whether you want to institute the draft; I’m asking if it would be good to do so.  (Note the difference.)  On the other hand, does the current practice better conform to the doctrine of vocation?

To celebrate Veterans Day, read Luther’s reflections on the military calling, Whether Soldiers Too Can Be Saved.  (Short answer:  They can.)

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