What’s the matter with kids these days?

My former student Brett Harris shows that he was paying attention when our literature class studied irony.  But notice his overall point:

Young people have absolutely NOTHING to offer. The sooner they realize this and stop trying to do grownup stuff the better for everyone.

For example, this 13-year-old girl got so overwhelmed visiting a neonatal unit in Kenya that she ran outside and passed out!

LET’S FACE IT: Young people are too incompetent and irresponsible to make a difference in the world. They should focus on staying entertained and out of the way.

Unfortunately, this girl didn’t learn her lesson the first time.

At age 14, she went back to Kenya with 200 backpacks filled with school supplies.

At age 15, she delivered 200 hygiene kits for young girls and hosted a medical clinic that served over 1,300 people.

At age 16, she opened a school in Kibwezi, Kenya, that serves 50 children.

Now 17, she’s partnering with another organization to build an orphanage.

PLEASE! She can’t even vote yet! What makes her think she can change the lives of men, women, and children half-a-world away?

Take our advice, young people. Don’t make the same mistakes this girl is making. Stay distracted. Stay disengaged. Ignore the needs around you because YOU CANNOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

You are too young. Focus on things like friends, movies, shopping, and video games. Those things really matter and are custom-designed for your level of maturity. Leave the world-changing to the grownups.

You may return to mindlessly browsing Facebook.


Or… you can rebel against low expectations:


via The Rebelution – Timeline Photos | Facebook.



For details about this young lady, go here.

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