Supremes to hear Hobby Lobby’s Obamacare case

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case brought by Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood that claims the Obamacare contraception and morning-after-pill mandate violate the company owners’ religious freedom.

How do you think the court will rule?

From  Supreme Court to Hear Religious Freedom Concerns on Hobby Lobby Case – Christian News Blog:

The US Supreme Court will hear arguments this spring for three briefs filed by American civil activist groups.

The American Civil Rights Union, the Thomas More Society and the American Centre for Law and Justice all field briefs this week on behalf of Hobby Lobby, asking that the Supreme Court strike down Obamacare laws that force employers to pay for health insurance that includes birth control.

Two of the briefs also support Conestoga Wood, a Pennsylvania-based wooden door and furniture business.

Hobby Lobby and Conestoga executives believe that some of the oral contraceptives murder children because it terminates a child in extremely early developmental stages. However, under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, employers must provide certain levels of health insurance that includes birth control.

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