Gender diversity and language

You thought it was complicated using “non-sexist” pronouns, avoiding the generic “he” for “he or she” or using “they” as a non-gendered singular?  Consider the travails of a binary language in a world of 58 genders.

From Genderqueer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Some genderqueer people prefer to use gender-neutral pronouns such as one, ze, sie, hir, co, ey or singular “they”, “their” and “them”, while others prefer the conventional binary pronouns “her” or “him”. Some genderqueer people prefer to be referred to alternately as he and she (and/or gender neutral pronouns), and some prefer to use only their name and not use pronouns at all.

Many genderqueer people prefer additional neutral language, such as the title “Mx” instead of Mr or Ms.

I would just add that language has a life of its own.  You can’t just change it at will.

Have you actually ever used any of these new pronouns?  Or heard them used?  Or seen them written?

And how , other than Facebook, do you know which gender a person is choosing and what pronouns that person insists on?

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