The Lego Movie

From the other extreme of Final:  The Rapture, I found myself watching The Lego Movie last weekend.  I know.  It’s a toy movie.  It sounds like you need to see it with a 7-year old.  But it is a very funny, creative, intriguing movie.  Its theme is, basically, the two different ways of playing with Legos.

After the jump, some over-the-top praise by movie critic Christy Lemire, plus the trailer.

From The Lego Movie – Christy Lemire : Christy Lemire:

“The Lego Movie”: Merely a great film, or the greatest film ever in the history of cinema?

I asked this question — jokingly, rhetorically — during our What the Flick?! review, but the more I think about it, the more in awe I am of the way “The Lego Movie” works on every level for every possible viewer. “Everything Is Awesome” isn’t just an insanely catchy theme song, one that will be stuck in your head for days if not weeks afterward (and may even drive out “Let It Go” from “Frozen,” if you’re lucky). It’s a statement of fact. It may even be an understatement. . . .

It moves so beautifully, it has such irresistible humor and irrepressible energy, but always feels effortless. It’s jammed with affectionate, cheeky pop-culture references but never seems hacky or strains for the laugh; so many of the jokes fly by at such a giddily frenzied clip, you’ll probably have to go see the movie a second time just to catch them all. And you probably won’t mind doing that; “The Lego Movie” is the rare film based on a toy or a game that truly feels like its own unique universe rather than a shameless, extended infomercial.

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