Rand Paul dominates conservative straw poll

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a gathering of some 2500 activists, held a straw for president.  The winner?  Rand Paul, with 31%, nearly three times as many votes as second-place finisher Ted Cruz, with 11%.  After the jump, a complete list of how all of the candidates did.

Back in 2013, I said this:  “Someone who can attract the internet crowd and pro-lifers and free market business types and evangelicals and peaceniks and the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Streeters has the makings of a paradigm-breaking and very formidable candidate.”Results of the CPAC 2014 straw poll for president:

1st Place: Rand Paul 31%

2nd Place: Ted Cruz 11%

3rd Place Ben Carson 9%

4th Place Chris Christie 8%

5th Place: Rick Santorum 7%

6th Place: Scott Walker 7%

7th Place: Marco Rubio 6%

8th Place: Rick Perry 3%

9th Place: Paul Ryan 3%

10th Place: Mike Huckabee 2%

11th place: Bobby Jindal 2%

12th Place: Sarah Palin 2%

13th Place: Condoleezza Rice 2%

14th Place: Mitch Daniel 1%

15th Place: John Kasich 1%

16th Place: Mike Pence 1%

17th Place: Rob Portman 1%

18th Place: John Thune 1%

19th Place: Donald Trump 1%

20th Place: Allen West 1%

21st Place: Kelly Ayotte *

22nd Place: Sam Brownback *

23rd Place: Nikki Haley *

24th Place: Susana Martinez *

25th Place: Tim Scott *

via 2014 CPAC Straw Poll Results, Rand Paul Wins With 31%, Cruz 2nd with 11% | Peace . Gold . LOVE.

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