Still more Obamacare postponements

More Obamacare provisions have been postponed, including letting people keep their non-complying insurance policies for three more years. This would prevent some unpopular measures from going into effect before the next presidential election.

But the March 31 deadline for buying health insurance and thus avoiding a fine still stands, so if you haven’t signed up at, time is running out.

From Obama administration rewrites some health-care policies – The Washington Post:

The Obama administration announced Wednesday that it has rewritten an array of far-reaching rules under the Affordable Care Act, the most significant of which will let people keep bare-bones health insurance policies for three more years.

The rule changes will touch essentially every sector affected by the 2010 health-care law. It will buffer more health plans in insurance exchanges from high patient costs, give states more time to decide whether to run their own marketplaces, and spare certain unions from a fee they have resented.

The administration also is raising the possibility that small-business workers in some states might not be given a choice of health plans — potentially undermining a significant aspect of the law that federal health officials already have delayed once. . . .

The official said that the ad­ministration will not extend the March 31 deadline for consumers to sign up for coverage this year under, the federal insurance marketplace on which three dozen states are relying. The next open-enrollment period will run from Nov. 15 to Feb. 15.

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