Church of Norway says “no” to gay marriage

Surprisingly, the state church of Norway–unlike that of Sweden–has rejected same-sex marriage.  Pastors will also not be allowed to bless “civil unions.”

From Church of Norway rejects proposal allowing priests to marry same-sex couples | The Raw Story:

The protestant Church of Norway on Tuesday rejected a proposal for religious same-sex marriage, even though it had the support of most of the country’s bishops.

Norway was among the first countries in Europe to grant homosexuals full rights, including marriage and adoption in 2009, but the Church does not marry same-sex couples.

Eight of Norway’s 12 bishops said in October they favoured such a move, but on Tuesday the Church’s highest decision-making body the synod rejected the proposal. . . .

Delegates at the national synod also rejected proposals to allow priests to bless a gay marriage on the sidelines of a civil ceremony.

But they also voted against a proposal to maintain the status quo and reserve marriage for heterosexual couples, plunging the synod into chaos.

HT:  Chris Barnekov

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