Dark matter and spiritual matter?

Our increasingly weird science now affirms that there is a reality that we cannot see, feel, or perceive in any way.  And yet it makes up 85% of the universe, which it basically holds together.  What does that remind you of?

Please note that I am not asserting an equivalence of dark matter and the spiritual realm, just noting parallels, as well as the curious phenomenon of science now recognizing that some kinds of reality elude our conventional materialistic categories.

From Ivan Seminiuk, Going deep underground in Canada in search of dark matter – The Globe and Mail:

Unseen but ever present, dark matter makes up 85 per cent of all the stuff in the universe. Like an invisible conductor, its gravity guides the motions of galaxies and stars. When the universe began, dark matter helped to shepherd atoms together, ultimately making it possible for planets to form and life to emerge. Until we understand dark matter, we won’t really understand why we exist.

Like the Higgs boson, which was confirmed last year, or the gravitational echoes from the Big Bang reported earlier this week, the detection of dark matter would be a Nobel Prize-worthy find – one that would offer a genuinely new piece of information about the nature of reality.

The challenge for physicists is that dark matter can be neither seen nor felt.

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