Ten Forbidden Behaviours

Regional Chinese Communist officials have put forward a list of “10 forbidden behaviors” designed to improve the manners and  image of party operatives.  These do not have quite the moral heft of the 10 Commandments, but they give some good tips for getting along with “the masses.”

Read them after the jump.  And then I invite you to suggest equivalent behaviors in our society that deserve to be “forbidden” (not that they would be, hopefully, in a free society, but you know what I mean).

10 behaviors forbidden in Pengshan County:

•It is not allowed to flatter or kiss the ass of one’s superior: One must express one’s real views.

•It is not allowed to make inspection trips in a cursory way, and it is not allowed to bring any unnecessary accompanying personnel during such trips.

•It is not allowed to use jargon while making speeches: Clear points should be made.

•It is not allowed to be a “hands-off” boss.

•It is not allowed to ask others to write one’s personal documents.

•It is not allowed to act high and mighty in front of the masses or subordinates. It is not allowed to fold hands behind one’s back, curse or point fingers while talking to the masses.

•It is not allowed to make empty promises or say “I don’t know” or “Don’t ask me” to the masses when they try to make an inquiry.

•It is not allowed to ask others to carry bags, pour tea, open or close car doors; it is not allowed to throw trash from the car windows.

•It is not allowed to smoke or to pick one’s teeth in the public; it is not allowed to be sloppily dressed.

•It is not allowed to bully people at the compound one lives in; it is not allowed to postpone paying the property management fees or to park illegally.

via ‘Don’t pick teeth in public’: 10 forbidden behaviours issued by Chinese regime.  That link gives more background and context for these rules.

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