Cat hero

Cats get little credit for expressing love to their owners, but maybe they are just introverted.  In times of crisis, they can rise to the occasion.  After the jump, a video of a cat rescuing a 4-year-old from a vicious dog.


From CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Family Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack | NBC Southern California:

A 4-year-old California boy attacked by a neighbor’s dog was saved by the family cat, the family says.

Home security camera footage recorded on Tuesday afternoon appears to show the neighbor’s dog spying on the little boy from the other side of a parked car in the driveway in front of the boy’s Bakersfield home, according to a clip posted to YouTube.

The dog crawls around the back of the vehicle and then pounces on the boy, clamping down on his leg.

But the family cat was not having any of it: It went after the dog, not once, but twice


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