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I‘ll soon be going on my second year of this blog being hosted at Patheos, where we’ve built up our audience considerably and been bringing in some income to pay the bills.  Patheos  is celebrating its 5th year anniversary and, in conjunction with that, is asking its bloggers to send in links to their 5 best posts, which the company is going to make use of somehow.   I don’t know what the best posts on this blog have been over the last year.   That’s a question for you readers.  Could you give me some suggestions?  I’d be much obliged.

"I'll work hard to defend anyone who's being lied about, misquoted, and misrepresented."

Why the Alt-Right is Pro-Abortion
"I'm confused - does your church look fondly upon any of the actions listed above?"

And now “rethinking” free speech
"A) Hence the "Good news."B) Another irony if not."

And now “rethinking” free speech
"Pennsylvania State Police"

Today’s Iconoclastic Outbreak
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