The glory of God hidden under suffering

Thanks to Scott Diekmann for bringing to our notice a 2002 piece by Rev. William Cwirla that succinctly explains the “theology of the Cross” and applies it to human suffering.

From Rev. William Cwirla,  “Suffering, Death, & the Hidden God,” in Modern Reformation (2002):

The theology of the cross is the theology of Jesus Christ, the second Adam, who lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. His glory is the cross; his death is his hour of power. The theology of the cross sees the glory of God hidden under the suffering and death of the Son of God. The cross of Christ is the starting point and the focal point for all theological thinking, comprehending the visible and manifest things of God through Christ’s suffering and his cross. Centered in the cross of Christ, the theology of the cross is uniquely positioned to deal with suffering and death.

…In the cross of Jesus, we see the God who hides life in death, victory in defeat, power in weakness. He buries his divinity deeply in our humanity and then suffers, dies, and rises to save the world. He is most God for us when he is most forsaken and afflicted in his suffering. Faith in Jesus does not seek displays of power and glory, nor does it demand a blessing God has not promised, as though Jesus’ death were not sufficient. Faith in the crucified and risen Jesus is content to have him present in suffering, silently embracing us as the Man of Sorrows who is acquainted with our grief.

via Steadfast Lutherans » Hiding Life in Death.

Read the whole essay in Modern Reformation, linked above.

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