Sudanese Christian woman re-arrested

Meriam Ibrahim, whom a judge released after overruling her death sentence for being a Christian, was arrested again as she tried to leave Sudan.

From Sudanese Christian woman arrested again, legal team says –

(CNN) — A Sudanese Christian woman who’d been sentenced to die for refusing to renounce her faith — and then released — was arrested again Tuesday at an airport as she was trying to leave the African country, her legal team told CNN.

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, her American husband, Daniel Wani, and their two children were stopped at an airport in Khartoum and then detained and interrogated at national security headquarters in the Sudanese capital, the legal team said.

Details about why the family was held weren’t immediately available.

Wani, in a phone call to CNN, also said that he and his family were being held at the national security office but did not provide details.

The developments come a day after Ibrahim’s legal team announced the 27-year-old woman had been released from prison after weeks of international controversy over her conviction on apostasy and adultery charges.

In addition, a man claiming to be Ibrahim’s brother spoke of seeking retribution, saying that Christians had tarnished his Islamic family’s honor through the case.


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