Foiling spies by going back to the typewriter

Some German officials have become so paranoid over revelations of NSA surveillance and CIA spying, that they are considering dropping computers for communications and going back to typewriters.  They are also playing classical music during meetings to thwart American bugging devices.

From Germany’s plan to take on NSA: Block eavesdroppers with classical music, and use typewriters – Telegraph:

Politicians in Germany have devised an ingenious solution to combat the threat of eavesdropping by American spies: playing classical music during their meetings.

MPs who sit on the spying committee had become so concerned that US agents might listen in to their discussions that they had ordered classical music to be played, to drown out the discussions.

On arrival at the meeting, The Suddetusche Zeitung reported that for “security reasons” MPs had to put their mobile phones and computers into a large metal box to ensure that they were not subjected to outside surveillance.

“Then the committee chairman, Patrick Sensburg switched the music on,” a source told the paper. “Edvard Grieg’s piano concert in A minor. Just for security.” . . .

Concern about uncontrolled US spying in Germany has reached such levels that MPs are considering a return to manual typewriters, in a drive to foil suspected CIA snoopers.

Patririck Sensburg, head of a parliamentary inquiry investigating US National Security Agency spying in Germany, said MPs were seriously thinking about ending the use of computers.


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