A true comic book movie

After lamenting the state of summer movies, we finally saw one that was just right for the season:  The Guardians of the Galaxy.  And finally, a comic book movie that has the feel of a comic book.  It is exuberant science fiction fantasy with Marvel’s trademark witty dialogue and off-the-wall but highly individualized and engaging characters.  (Here we have the 1970s-obsessed human, Star-Lord, a tree creature of few words [those being “I am Groot”], the eloquent but literal-minded Drax the Destroyer, a green girl named Gamora, and Rocket, a wise-cracking raccoon.)  Yes, it has its tedious havoc and a grandiose story-line like a series in a comic book, but it also has the visual panache of comic art and the quality of comic books that I remember from my childhood as fun.

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