Checking your predictions for 2014

You readers made some pretty good predictions last year.  More than one of you predicted that gasoline prices would drop, that more states would legalize gay marriage and marijuana possession, that the Supreme Court would rule in ways that they did, in fact, rule.  Some mentioned North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, including that he would be assassinated, but that vision must have been of the movie “The Interview.”  With some predictions, to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if they happened or not!

I invite you to read them over at Your predictions for 2014 and propose your own winners and honorable mentions.

But the winner of this year’s prize for best prognosticator goes to. . .

reg, for predicting that the United States would normalize relations with Cuba.

No one saw that coming in the waning days of 2013.  Some of you did say this would happen with the death of Fidel Castro, but that wily Communist continues to outlive all of his foes.  Who would have thought that President Obama would make that happen not by the complicated machinery of law but by executive order?

So kudos to reg, who gets accolades, bragging rights, and the benefit of a doubt at this blog for a whole year.

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