The #1 most popular Cranach blog post of the year

The year’s most viewed post by far was not written this year, but rather in July 2011.  And it wasn’t written by me, but by my liberal Democratic Southern Baptist musical genius brother, Jimmy.  Here it is:

The Devil’s interval.

People who google this legendary evil-sounding musical lick–and I presume most of these are heavy metal head bangers (I’m sure my terminology is out of date)– are directed to this post, and I hope they find a warm welcome and become regular readers of this blog.

My brother, very kindly, is not lording it over me for outblogging me on my own blog.  Nor do I resent it.  In fact, I am trying to get him to write more guest posts for me.  He has some very interesting ideas about music education that I’d like him to share with the general public on this blog.

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