Professional ball game closed to the public

Imagine two professional baseball teams playing each other but not letting any fans watch the game.  Maybe that’s the future of professional sports.  But it is happening today in Baltimore, where riots over another African-American who died in police custody, have led to the decision that the Orioles-White Sox game would be closed to the public.

From Wednesday’s White Sox-Orioles Game Moved To Afternoon, Will Be Closed To Public « CBS Chicago:

Amid civil unrest in Baltimore, Wednesday’s game between the White Sox and Orioles at Camden Yards has been moved to a 1:05 p.m. CT/2:05 p.m. ET start and will be closed to the public, the Orioles announced Tuesday. The game had been scheduled for Wednesday night.

The change comes after Monday and Tuesday’s games between the teams were postponed due to safety concerns after rioting broke out near the stadium. The latest round of demonstrations follow the recent death of Freddie Gray, 25, an African-American suspect who had been taken into police custody.

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