Clinton’s desperation

Clinton’s desperation February 12, 2016

I missed the Democratic debate.  What happened and where does it leave the Democratic race?  At any rate, reportedly, the Clinton campaign is not happy.  The tactics against Sanders are to imply that he is anti-black and anti-woman.  And Bill Clinton has been unleashed.

Bill accused Bernie Sanders of hypocrisy because he too takes money for speeches.  In 2014, Sanders made $1,850, from a TV show, a publishing company, and a machinists’ union.  Hillary Clinton made $21 million, from Goldman Sachs, big banks, and big pharmaceutical companies.

Political operative Dick Morris analyzes the new rhetoric from the Clinton camp, seeing it as a sign of desperation.

From Dick Morris: Clinton deploys B Team | TheHill:

After losing 84 percent of young voters in Iowa — and failing to recover them in New Hampshire — they sent in two aging fossils of feminism to insult and threaten young women.

The 81-year-old feminist Gloria Steinem charged that young women are only backing Sanders because that’s where they can meet boys. And 78-year-old Madeleine Albright threatened to consign to a “special place in hell” women who don’t back female candidates like Clinton.

Those are two great ways to attract young voters.

The aging and raging ex-president, meanwhile, speaking to a half-filled gym in a New Hampshire school, ranted about Sanders’s “hypocrisy” in condemning his wife’s paid speeches. Sanders, too, has given paid speeches, Bill Clinton claimed.

He’s got a point. In 2013, for example, Sanders made all of $1,500, which he donated to charity as required by federal law. In 2014, he raked in $1,850 for paid speeches. By contrast, Clinton made, and kept, over $21 million during the same time period. Sanders was only reimbursed for coach class airfare, while Clinton demanded private jets. Sanders’s hosts were the TV show “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Avalon Publishing and a machinists union. Clinton’s were Goldman Sachs, the big banks and the pharmaceutical and energy industries. What hypocrisy for Sanders to use that as an issue!

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