You know you are a theologian of glory if. . . .

You know you are a theologian of glory if. . . . February 25, 2016

An important Lutheran distinction is between the theology of the Cross and the theology of glory.  Jeff Mallinson, over at the Jagged Word,  offers 9.5 Theses on theologians of glory.  After the jump, I list the theses, but you will want to go to the site to see what he says about each one.

From Jeff Mallinson, 9.5 Theses on Theologians of Glory, The Jagged Word:

1.  Theologians of glory don’t laugh.

2.  Theologians of glory are afraid to cry.

3.  Theologians of glory are afraid to experience spirituality.

4.  Theologians of glory want spiritual power that they can wield like magicians.

5.  Theologians of glory like narcissistic worship.

6.  Theologians of glory fetishize liturgy and impose it through power.

7.  Theologians of glory seek cultural and political dominance.

8.  Theologians of glory choose the route of cultural avoidance and fail to offer a prophetic voice.

9.  Theologians of glory fail to challenge the implicit foreign, secular assumptions of scholarship.

9.5. Theologians of glory need to ask, where might there be a blind spot in my theological vision?

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