All Canada doctors & nurses must kill patients on demand

Canada is implementing its new euthanasia policy with new guidelines that will require doctors and nurses to kill their patients if requested, and there will be no opt-out on the basis of religion or conscience.  Wesley Smith gives the details, commenting, “I have never seen a society jump so enthusiastically into the abyss that is the culture of death as Canada has in the last year.”

Based on government and medical association proposed guidelines, Canada’s euthanasia regime will soon include:

  • Death on demand for those with medically diagnosed serious sicknesses;
  • Death on demand for those with disabilities;
  • Death on demand for those with  medically diagnosed mental illnesses.
  • Death on demand for “mature” children with the above conditions, perhaps with parental consent required;
  • Nurses ordered to participate in euthanasia under the direction of a doctor, normalizing killing as an answer to suffering and making it easier for doctors to avoid the dirty work of homicide;
  • Government-paid euthanasia.

There will also, apparently, be no effective conscience exemptions for religious or morally opposed doctors, nurses, and religious medical institutions–even though Canada’s governing Charter explicitly protects “freedom of religion and conscience.”

Doctors will be legally required to offer “effective referral” for patients who want to be killed.

Nurses ordered to kill a patient by a doctor will have no options to resist other than active insubordination.

Religious facilities will be required by law to permit euthanasia on premises if they receive public money–which includes most facilities as Canada has a socialized, single-payer health financing system. No escape.

Source: Canada Proposes Forcing Doctors and Nurses to Euthanize Patients |

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