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Professor of Literature at Patrick Henry College, the Director of the Cranach Institute at Concordia Theological Seminary, a columnist for World Magazine and TableTalk, and the author of 18 books on different facets of Christianity & Culture.

The Weimar problem

From George Will:

“Every republic,” writes Charles Kesler, professor of government at Claremont McKenna College, “eventually faces what might be called the Weimar problem.” It arrives when a nation’s civic culture has become so debased that the nation no longer has “the virtues necessary to sustain republican government.”

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“A third sex”

So far “transgender” has involved men identifying themselves as women, and vice versa.  But now another option has been legally recognized, changing your sex to “non-binary.”  This is being described as neither one nor the other, “a third sex.”

Perhaps this is the utopian ideal that all of the other sex and gender controversies have been pointing to.  Eliminating sex and gender as categories all together.  An individual might fall in love with another individual–or have sexual desire for that person–and it doesn’t matter what sexes or genders are involved.  The begetting of children has been ruled out anyway, so what does it matter?  (Is there any way to answer this?  We can invoke nature, but those caught up in these ideologies reject nature, though it always seems to have its way eventually.)

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Ben Sasse, the anti-Trump

As other Republicans keep equivocating, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is the only Republican in the Senate to consistently oppose Donald Trump.  And he is paying a price for it.  But Sasse, a Lutheran, is standing firm.  An interesting profile after the jump. [Read more…]

California churches to be forced to pay for abortions?

The state of California has classified abortion as a “basic health service,” which means that under Obamacare, all insurance policies, including those of churches, must pay for abortions.  Churches have applied to the Obama administration for relief, but they were denied.  The issue is now before the courts. [Read more…]

Could a President Trump be checked and balanced?

Paul Ryan says that if a President Trump were to do something illegal, such as ban immigrants on the basis of their religion, he, as Speaker of the House, would sue him.  Ryan seems to be floating the possibility that a President Trump might not be so bad because he could be controlled by the law.  Congress and the courts could keep him in line.  Do you think Trump could be checked and balanced?

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How Britain’s exit from EU can help its economy

Global stock markets and currency exchanges are in turmoil after Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, making it look like the decision is an economic disaster.  But Stephen Meyer argues quite the contrary, that Brexit will bring substantial economic advantages.  For example, the UK will now be able to negotiate a trade deal with its biggest market–the United States–which it wasn’t allowed to do under the European Union.  Also, lifting the EU’s regulatory burdens, which applies to the whole economy and costs as much as 6.5% of the Gross Domestic Product, will be a dramatic shot in the arm for the UK’s economic growth. [Read more…]