Kim Davis meets the Pope

Pope Francis met when he was here with Kim Davis, the county clerk who went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  It’s strange to think of an Apostolic Pentecostal Christian, which Kim Davis is, holding much store with the Pope of Rome.  But that the Pope met with her puts flesh and blood to his rather vague statements on religious liberty.

He also made a point of meeting with the Little Sisters of the Poor, who have been fighting in court for the right not to comply with Obamacare contraception requirements.

The media emphasized the Pope’s liberal pronouncements, but not so much his conservative ones.  But his actions show that he supports religious accommodations for those whose conscience cannot accept culture war laws. [Read more...]

Checking in from Denmark

I have no idea what time it will be in the States when this post goes up, but I have a little time and an internet connection, so I thought I’d check in.  Our trip went very smoothly and we are exploring Denmark before my lecture at the university tomorrow.  Denmark, with the rest of Scandinavia, is considered one of the most secular of countries, but I have been meeting many strong Christians who are a true delight.   I’m learning that the religious picture is more complicated and nuanced than I realized,  that there will always be a remnant in Christ’s church, and that when Christianity is not just the cultural thing to be, those who do bother to go to church take it very seriously.   I’ll report more on these things when I fully digest my experience.   Anyway, we’re having a good time and wish you were here!

Christian, Christian-influenced, and anti-Christian

Ross Douthat, a Catholic columnist for the New York Times, has written about the difference between some of the various strains of orthodox Christianity and the various heresies that are still in the Christian orbit (including what he calls “Americanized Christianity”).  Then there is Christian influence, which can even be seen in people who reject Christianity.  But at some point, as we are starting to see, there is a mindset and a culture that are utterly devoid of anything Christian.  Please read his whole essay, but I quote how he finishes after the jump. [Read more...]

“Editing” embryos

Researchers are crossing the line into direct “editing” of human embryos, amounting to genetically modifying human beings.

Some of those who don’t approve of genetically modifying vegetables may not mind doing the same thing to babies.  But the new research is stirring up controversy in the scientific community. [Read more...]

The latest outrage

DRUDGE REPORT has become a major internet news source.  It specializes in stories that provoke outrage.  From today’s Drudge Report, what are some latest outrages that are worth talking about?

There are still Samaritans

Did you know that there are still Samaritans, that despised off-shoot of Judaism that Jesus reached out to?  There are only around 800 left–they call themselves the world’s smallest religion–and they still have their hopes on Mt. Gerazim.  Details after the jump. [Read more...]