Poll on gay marriage shows surprising results

An Associated Press poll on gay marriage shows a sharply and almost evenly-divided country when it comes to gay marriage, with a strong majority saying that religious liberty should trump gay rights when there is a conflict.  Support for gay marriage is actually down from what it was before the Supreme Court ruling, suggesting that the gay triumphalists who sought to demonize and punish conscientious objectors may have overplayed their hand.

In April, 48% of Americans were in favor of gay marriage.  Three weeks after the ruling, the number declined to 42%.  But 40% of Americans do not approve.  And 59% of Americans believe that religious liberty should take precedence over gay rights.

UPDATE:   Here are the full poll results.

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That video we blogged about showing a Planned Parenthood official coldly discussing how they conduct abortions in such a way so as to maximize organ harvesting was picked up by the mainstream media and has sparked much outrage across the spectrum.

Planned Parenthood claims that the prices quoted ($30 and $100 for fresh fetal organs) were just shipping and handling charges, not sales, which would be illegal, something Congress will be investigating.   Though the abortionists are insisting that they were simply donating the tissue for scientific purposes, the filmers were posing as customers wanting to buy organs.   Pro-abortion zealots, of course, defended Planned Parenthood, though most people, including many liberals, were appalled.  (See Who had the worst week in Washington? Planned Parenthood. – The Washington Post.)

After the jump, read Michael Gerson’s column in the Washington Post about the way the woman on the video and abortion apologists are guilty of dehumanization. [Read more...]

The defection of the state

More from Hermann Sasse, the anti-Nazi theologian, on the death of nations, reflecting on “the deification of the state” and other ways in which governments can “defect” from their true nature and their Romans 13 authority. [Read more...]

Free sex change operations for 15-year-olds without parental consent

The state of Oregon will now allow adolescents as young as 15 to get a sex change operation without parental consent or notification.  The surgery will also be provided free of charge, funded by taxpayers via the state Medicaid program. [Read more...]

Terrorist kills five in Tennessee

Yet another Islamic terrorist attack on American soil.  Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeezhis shot up two military facilities in Chattanooga, killing four Marines.  He also wounded two other service members and a police officer before he was shot and killed.  The authorities are investigating any terrorist connections he might have.  ISIS has called for “lone wolf” attacks during Ramadan, which ends Friday.

UPDATE:  One of the wounded died, bringing the toll to five.

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“The lie kills nations”

Hermann Sasse was contending with Nazi Germany, but his words about how “the lie” kills nations–presenting cultural dissolution “as a glorious ascent,” in which “decline is viewed as an advance”–have an unsettling resonance for today. [Read more...]