Dressing for church

On the front page of Saturday’s Washington Post:  An article about what people wear to church, raising issues of decorum, modesty, and the meaning of clothes. [Read more…]

This week’s LCMS convention

This is the season when churches go out to convention.  The denomination that I grew up in, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), threw out all barriers against homosexuality, in addition to passing other progressive resolutions.  Such measures are highly unlikely  in my current church, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, whose triennial convention will be held this week.

To follow the action, go to National LCMS Convention – The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.  For a list of resolutions that will be considered, go here (note the drop-down menu for the different categories.)

Indulgences via Twitter

Pope Francis will be offering a plenary indulgence–that is, a full release from Purgatory for sins committed up to that point–for those who follow the World Youth Day activities on Twitter or other social media sites. [Read more…]

Opposing the word “religion”

Michelle Boorstein writes in the Washington Post about how virtually everybody–liberals and conservatives, New Agey “spirituals” and Bible-believing Christians–have been turning against the word “religion.” [Read more…]

LCMS president and other church bodies

Mathew Block, the communications director of the Lutheran Church Canada who writes for the First Things blog, praises the re-election of Matt Harrison to the presidency of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  He cites “another topic worthy of discussion in considering President Harrison’s first term—namely, the LCMS’ increasingly friendly relations with other church bodies.” [Read more…]

A handbook for Classical Lutheran Education

I’m at the Consortium for Classical & Lutheran Education conference in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  To add to the organization’s school accreditation program, we announced a process for teacher certification in this approach.  Also announced was a new resource:  A Handbook for Classical Lutheran Education.

Edited by Cheryl Swope, Steven Hein, Paul Cain, and Tom Strickland, and with a foreword by me, the book began as a “best of” publication drawn from the CCLE’s journal over the years.  But the articles were selected so as to provide a handbook showing what classical education entails, what is distinctive about a Lutheran approach, and how to implement it, whether in a classroom or at home. [Read more…]