Dr. Aikman on an urban legend pushed by the “new atheists,” and one of their major blind spots: Atheists who spend much of their time revisiting the crimes of religion ought to be quizzed again and again about what happens when governments adopt atheism as their official worldview.It is one of the most erroneous statements in popular culture in America, one of the most inaccurate but frequently repeated “urban legends,” that more people have been killed in wars of religion than any other kind of… Read more

Susan Jacoby wrote an op-ed piece, based on a book she is releasing, entitled The Dumbing Of America.  She decries the anti-intellectualism of America today, citing the rank ignorance about history and geography that is rampant today, as well as statistics such as 40% of Americans have never read a book in the last year.  She also discusses how our culture tends to denigrate intellectuals as “elitists,” as opposed to the down-home democratic ideal of average “folks.” What she neglects to address,… Read more

A letter-writer to the “Washington Post” fulminates at the way NASCAR allowed the Daytona 500 to begin with a prayer.  Not only a prayer, but one that “invoked Jesus Christ by name.”  This, says the letter-writer, is another step in the effort to make Christianity into our nation’s official state religion.  Read  the letter.  Notice what is happening.  Yes, the government is not allowed to favor Christianity in schools, the military, and public events.  But now that same standard is… Read more

Inflation in the South African nation of Zimbabwe has reached Weimar-republic-like proportions. Michael Gerson writes how that nation’s dictator President Mugabe–who famously confiscated the land of all white farmers, who had supplied much of the food supply for generations–is funding his predatory government by simply printing money.   Back in 1980, a Zimbabwe dollar was worth about as much as ours.  Today, a newspaper costs $3 million, and a two pounds of chicken costs $15 million.  People have to carry around boxes… Read more

Paul McCain has put up some more material on his blog devoted to that Lucas Cranach altarpiece.  He includes some exposition of the figures in the painting and what they mean.  Note the self-portrait of Cranach, who shows the blood of Christ shooting out from His wounds upon himself.  That’s a powerful confession of faith from the great artist.  Go to A Painting That Preaches Christ. Read more

The Washington Post has sure been publishing some good articles about today’s education debacles, which tells us that even the liberal establishment is waking up to the necessity of actually educating children, as opposed to what contemporary educational theory is doing.  Today’s edition included a feature entitled Parents Rise Up Against A New Approach to Math.  It’s about a math textbook entitled “Investigations in Number, Data, and Space.” It tackles the problem of  multiplying six times three, by having students make… Read more

Fidel Castro Resigns Cuban Presidency. Who would have thought that he would peacefully retire, rather than being assassinated or overthrown in a revolution? Do you think communism will hang on in Cuba, or can we expect a revolution of freedom now that the old man is no longer running the firing squads? Read more

My son-in-law and I explored the Antietam Battlefield  yesterday.  That site of the bloodiest day ever in American history, with 23,000 casualties, was amazing, humbling, sad, thrilling, inspiring.  We read Jeff Shaara’s account of the battle in his guide to Civil War battlefields, so we understood about the corn field, the sunken road, and Burnside’s bridge, still standing and upon which we walked, imagining the carnage it held (as well  Read more

Just checking to see if people are so uneducated and unknowledgeable today about the lunar eclipse coming up that Columbus’s old gambit would still work:An eclipse is credited with saving the life of Christopher Columbus and his crew in 1504.  Stranded on the coast of Jamaica, the explorers were running out of food and faced with increasingly hostile local inhabitants who were refusing to provide them with any more supplies.Columbus, looking at an astronomical almanac compiled by a German mathematician, realised that… Read more

 I want to wish each and every one of you a merry Presidents Day.  I hope you have all of your decorating done and will have a wonderful Presidents’ Day dinner and enjoy all of your President’s Day customs like. . . .  Notice:  The Church knows how to throw good holidays, but the government has not got a clue.  This day began as a commemoration of George Washington, that great man and father of our country.  He deserves a holiday,… Read more

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