I’m Back

Sorry for the long, unannounced hiatus from blogging.  In May I accepted a call from the Dawson Creek Church of the New Jerusalem in Dawson Creek, BC, to be their pastor.  Life’s been a whirlwind since then: the General Church assembly and clergy meetings in Bryn Athyn, PA in June, Maple camp for teens in Ontario at the beginning of July, then the move out west the following week.  I’ve safely arrived in Dawson Creek, and I’m grateful to the Lord that I get the chance to work with the wonderful and welcoming congregation out here.

I’m still waiting for all my furniture and most of my belongings (i.e. books) to arrive from Toronto.  Once I get settled into a routine I hope to start blogging more again.  Thanks for your patience!

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  • http://none suzanne

    I tried to post but was called a spammer. Bummer, I think I lost a long, great response.
    btw, I did not find on your blog who you are!? :)
    -Suzanne (Funk ) Evans

  • Coleman Glenn

    Hi Suzanne!

    I’m Coleman Glenn – grew up in Pine Run Park (near Bryn Athyn, PA), and am now serving as pastor of the Dawson Creek New Church in Dawson Creek, BC. If you scroll up to the top of the page, there’s an “About” tab (below the blog title) that has some (slightly outdated) info on who I am. I’ll go look through the spam and try to recover your comment. Thanks!

  • Coleman Glenn

    Rats, it looks like I can’t recover that comment. The spam blocker that’s set up now is not very good – it lets in a lot of spam, and apparently it blocks some non-spam. I’ll look into changing it – thanks for letting me know!